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They were weird and excessive and gross. They reviewed our conversation and deleted his profile. Since then, all of those gay men, one of which was my best friend of 7 years, have moved on to the much larger gay scene, being the two local gay bars in my city. I wanted to be apart of none of this, and did eventually leave this group and barely talk to any of the members involved. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from. I think that the gay community is going about their rights and integration movement the wrong way.

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16 People Who Are Anti-Gay Explain Their Stance On Homosexuality

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And like with anything new, it can take some time to develop and perfect our best style of communication. All the good of that adoption service was lost because of the gays. Ellen is real, Wanda Sykes is real, George Takei is real, the public needs more real in that sense for their education. Stop bombarding me with it everywhere. They had been distributing a leaflet full of outright lies about same-sex marriage to the various communities in London, and I had phoned up to hear exactly how they could back their claims up. More From Thought Catalog.

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On a slightly different, but related note, I also understand that morality is a grey shape, not always in black and white. It saddens me because they are partaking in an act that is the very perversion of the good gift that God granted us. However, I am of the opinion, politically, that the Constitution or more accurately, the Bill of Rights creates a separation of church and state, and that because of this, the Bible teaching that something is wrong should not make it illegal. Whether we like it or not, social media is on a fast track to being the primary way in which we communicate with one another. I do not think that Homosexuality is a choice.

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