Transsexual brain development

The finding cannot be seen as indicating specificity, however. In one led by Antonio Guillamon of National Distance Education University in Madrid, researchers found that testosterone thickened the cortex of transgender men, while six months or more of estrogen and antiandrogen treatment led to a thinning of the cortex in transgender women J Sex Med , Their results, published in , showed that even before treatment the brain structures of the trans people were more similar in some respects to the brains of their experienced gender than those of their natal gender. Structural Brain Differences for Transgender People. One prominent hypothesis on the basis of gender dysphoria is that sexual differentiation of the genitals occurs separately from sexual differentiation of the brain in utero, making it possible that the body can veer in one direction and the mind in another. But some researchers are working to remedy that problem. Also still to be determined, adds Savic, is whether the brain differences that have been identified between cis and trans people persist after hormone treatment.

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Structural Brain Differences for Transgender People


Visit our adblocking instructions page. Previous studies have found that sexual differentiation of the brain in transgender individuals does not accompany differentiation in the rest of the body. In a study from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, a comparison of the distribution of gray matter in 55 female-to-male and 38 male-to-female transgender adolescents with cisgender controls in the same age group found broad similarities in the hypothalami and the cerebellums of the transgender subjects and cisgender participants of the same natal sex. Other studies have pinpointed characteristics of the transgender brain that fall in between what is typical for either sex—results that proponents of the developmental mismatch hypothesis generally see as support for their idea. Male-to-female subjects tended to have thinner cortical regions in the right hemisphere, which is characteristic of a female brain. Bakker and colleagues found that trans boys who had not been exposed to testosterone, but had had female pubertal hormones suppressed as well as cisgender boys, displayed less activation than cisgender girls in frontal brain areas when they performed the task. Other investigators have looked at sex differences through brain functioning.

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Transgender rights have also become a mainstream political issue, and the idea that people should be referred to by the names and pronouns they find most fitting—whether or not these designations match those on their birth certificates, or align with the categories of male and female—is gaining acceptance. For example, the female-to-male subjects had relatively thin subcortical areas these areas tend to be thinner in men than in women. But when the images were morphed to appear more male, connectivity between the anterior cingulate and the other two regions increased. Visit our adblocking instructions page. He has masters degrees in health-fitness management and healthcare administration and a doctoral degree from The University of Texas at Austin focused on health care informatics, health administration, health education and health policy. We've noticed you're adblocking.

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