Struggles of gay students

Although some counselors have created successful programs for LGBT students, such as support groups, such efforts need to have support from the school administration to ensure counselors are recognized as affirming, non-judgmental resources. In the absence of effective implementation and monitoring, many LGBT youth continue to experience bullying and harassment in school. Since at least , when UP Babaylan formed at the University of the Philippines, these groups have provided educational programming to the university community, advocated for policy changes, and offered peer support to LGBT members. In virtually all cases, however, sexuality education was limited to discussions of heterosexual reproduction and sex. Bullying, exclusion, and discrimination generate physical and mental health risks that threaten the right to health for LGBT youth. Although this report focuses on secondary schools, many interviewees said they had experienced similar issues with uniform and hair-length restrictions at the university level.

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The same standards were not applied to heterosexual students, as teachers and administrators acknowledged. Support from teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, and other school personnel is a valuable asset, and should be available to guide LGBT youth as well as their non-LGBT peers. Many students declined to go to counselors for help and support, expecting that they would be hostile to LGBT youth. In addition to bullying and harassment, LGBT students encounter various forms of discrimination that make educational environments hostile or unwelcoming. In one interview, a high-level administrator at a high school in Mandaue City remarked that she had never heard of the Anti-Bullying Law. Learn more about mental illness and the concerns that LGBT individuals might have.

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In schools where LGBT youth lack information and resources, for example, they may struggle more deeply with their sexual orientation or gender identity or be unsure where to turn for help. In schools where policies discriminate against LGBT youth, they may be placed in situations where bullying by peers is likely to occur and may feel administrators are unlikely to help them. Videos Emotional Health play next video. LGBT students are denied the right to education when bullying, exclusion, and discriminatory policies prevent them from participating in the classroom or attending school. This is to be expected. Society creates and perpetuates stigma about many groups. Synonym in many parts of the world for homosexual; primarily used here to refer to the sexual orientation of a man whose primary sexual and romantic attraction is towards other men.

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