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One of the actors, "Junior," is a tall, muscular, brown-skinned brother who got his start in television and is known for his comedic roles in films. Dean is at Keenen Ivory Wayans' birthday party. The great thing, as you said, in light of the memoirs that have been proven to be false or fabricated, Simon and Schuster, the legal team got involved and verified a lot of the information in my book, to protect themselves but also to protect myself. I did think, yeah, well maybe I'm not as down-low as I think. We were waiting on you to come out. You make lots of references to how you didn't really question your sexuality until after you were molested, so what would you say to those who think that being gay is a choice? It just so happened that in my instance and my situation, I had not had a desire or thought of being with another man until I was molested by the male next-door neighbor.

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Guess Who's Gay in Hip-Hop


One of the actors, "Junior," is a tall, muscular, brown-skinned brother who got his start in television and is known for his comedic roles in films. I name all of the films and the projects in the book. Where do you keep your list of names and corresponding fake names? When they find out, it's no surprise. I don't name any names, so people can come to a conclusion of who they think the person is that I may be describing in the book. Even if [a person] is not gay, but because a friend is, that person will stop associating with them because they don't want people to think that's what they do. In a time when authors are being unmasked as frauds, some may find Dean's reliance on blind items very convenient.

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In Hollywood, he is considered a golden boy and very bankable. How do you respond to people who question how true or accurate your accounts in this book are in light of recent news that several high-profile memoirs have been found to be mostly or partly untrue? Dean's friend "Corey" is a singer-songwriter who was featured on the MTV series The Cut , opened shows for Jay-Z, appeared in a Broadway musical, and then signed with "Eli, a popular multiplatinum rapper, who had just started a label at the time in the 90s. There are some things you definitely can't [fake] in the entertainment industry because there are production records. He and I experimented and I was, like, OK. When they find out, it's no surprise.

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