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I've never even heard of it and I'm fairly old. The move was welcomed by gay rights campaigners and could help lift one of the final taboos in Irish political life. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. Its sick and scary. Knott was the instigator. Preliminary hearing set for December 16th. This thread also outed Witchiepoo as a defender of homophobes and slanderer of gay men as "violent misogynists", so there's that, too.

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I know you knew this was coming. But we should be focusing on the victims- not the perpetrators. The victims are anonymous as they should be. I'm hardly going to take anything she says seriously. It's hard to know what to say about these two. The victims' version of events happens to match eyewitness accounts, R The info about her hitting with a shoe was linked in one of the deleted threads.

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They can play it cool in mixed company, but in private all of their hate comes out. We don't have as much info on them, since they didn't leave their social media accounts up, but we can still discuss them. In that affidavit, complainant 1 suffered extensive injuries to his face. Everyone was in udder shock. Wow, he's also the same dumb fuck who started the moronic anti-chicken wing rant.

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