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I understand people at very mega high fame levels doing it, I suppose. It's obviously some type of repression, R Sure, rant about the closetcases once in a while, but devoting enormous energy and venom to them, when the same time and effort can be spent on helping the out celebrities to reach even wider, higher status of shining, virtuous "Heroism", and doing outreach to your neighbors and kins through each gay's own personal network that has a far more affecting, personable "human face" of struggle than some faraway celebrity easily shut out by the in-group of a stubborn community - is ignoring what really "fucking matters". It's more of an emotional orientation than a sexual one. I've heard stories about Marcia Cross for as long as I've known her name. Is Kristin Davis really gay?

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Marcia Cross: 10 years after the controversy


When posters say something like that it means someone they want to be straight isn't and the frau fantasy they were living in is now ruined. The initial rumor wasnt that it was Marcia, it was just that it was someone on the show. Frau cunts who know shit about homosexuality or self-loathing gays who rationalize bigotry because you want to fit in? So what are you, r29, r31, and r35? Whats your favorite gay rumor of all time? It's a gossip site Earnest Edna, we gossip here. It's free so why not?

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That's why we've always had a lot of fucked up lesbians in our community. Whats your favorite gay rumor of all time? Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. I believe things will get better in the near future and there soon will not be a need for anyone to be in the closet. If men were the problem, then women were the solution. So what are you, r29, r31, and r35? They say that men are far easier to meet and date, so it ends up being the path of least resistance.

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