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We can observe Shabbos and yomim tovim the Sabbath and holidays , keep kashrus, daven pray , learn Torah, visit the sick, give charity--in short we can do as many mitzvos as possible. Being sexually attracted to people of the same sex - having a gay homosexual orientation - does not violate halacha Jewish law in any way. Archived from the original PDF on We will merit the same share in the world to come as all other Jews, as it is written "Kol Yisrael yesh la-hem chelek l'olam ha-bah" "All Israel has a share in the world to come" Mishnah Sanhedrin Retrieved May 8, You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Retrieved 12 April

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Homosexual activity has no bearing on one's Jewishness. What the Torah addresses is certain specific homosexual conduct. As it says in Isaiah Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. Retrieved April 13,

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Wrestling with Steve Greenberg". So what can I do about sex as a frum gay Jew? When a person falls, he falls into the lap of G-d. Some people are infertile, others are unable to care for children, and some reluctantly are not in a position to have children. Just because a Jew cannot observe every mitzvah does not mean he should not do any and does not mean that he cannot live within a framework of traditional Judaism. Some decide not to act on their sexual feelings and choose to be celibate. Playwright and screenwriter who wrote the book for West Side Story".

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