Gay and disabled

Efforts are needed to prevent, delay, and reduce disabilities as well as to improve the quality of life for lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults with disabilities. For example, adjusting for health-related covariates decreased to nonsignificance the odds ratio for disability among gay men compared with heterosexual men. Although we are limited because of the cross-sectional nature of this study in our ability to disentangle the temporal relationship between health condition and risk and disability, the elevated rates of smoking among LGB adults is a primary health risk in these populations that should be addressed. They also had a higher level of education on average than the population in general. I met a few who wanted to convert me. Accessed July 15, Due to experiences like these, and because some people did not feel discriminated against at all while others felt it from many different sides, it became clear over time that the concept of double discrimination was not elucidating.

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Being homosexual and disabled


There was a lot of negative talk about homosexuals at the rehabilitation post. In this study, LGB adults demonstrated higher odds of disability than did their heterosexual counterparts of comparable ages, even among those who were relatively young 18—30 years , suggesting that the age of onset of disability may be lower in these groups. Fredriksen-Goldsen originated the study, synthesized the conceptualization and analyses, and provided leadership during all stages of article preparation. Among women, the weighted percentages of heterosexual, lesbian, and bisexual women were The study shows that many of the 19 people interviewed had jobs, owned their own homes and had a well-functioning social network. Newsletter Signup Email Address: View the discussion thread.

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Two of the informants said independently of each other that when they made it known they were not heterosexual, this was seen as a manifestation of a psychosis. Research on disability has identified both nonmodifiable risk factors such as age, gender, and genetics, and modifiable risk factors such as age-related diseases, impairments, functional limitations, poor coping strategies, sedentary lifestyles, and other risk behaviors in addition to social and environmental obstacles. Second, they were asked if they have any health problem that requires them to use special equipment, such as a cane, a wheelchair, a special bed, or a special telephone. The results in this study suggest that disparities in chronic health conditions, health risk behaviors, and poor physical and mental health among LGB adults may contribute to the heightened prevalence of disability. In model 2, we added the health-related covariates of disability.

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