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In the 11 months since the year-old hanged himself in prison , there have been unconfirmed rumors about the sexuality of the former Pro Bowler, and a new documentary features allegations from strong sources stating he struggled with his orientation. Tensions between school board members and superintendents come with the territory. He also likes his room mate. I like Rodgers but this also comes off as petty and a little jealous. He looks an umbrella boy. The Sanchez GQ spread was an embarassment, but so was the interview where Rodgers was patting himself on the back about his invisible wrestling championship belt smack talk move.

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Mark Sanchez is forever a Trojan


That wuss is just going after the weaker one. He is probably not happy about the attention that Mark receives playing in NY. You gotta be kidding. He seems upset that GQ has standards. Reported the San Francisco Chronicle , "Mayor Newsom said he was saddened but not surprised by Ackerman's resignation considering the ongoing bickering that has gone on between her and a faction of the school board. GQ and the media obviously isnt shouting about it so blame them, not us for the Jets trying to be pretty boys…. The proposition passed 55 to 45 percent.

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He looks like a normal guy. Joe Namath threw up he was laughing so hard. And before all of you Jets marks some of you act as if you been sippin on jet fuel give me thumbs down and tell me how wrong I am, do your homework. Click here to follow the latest Dallas Cowboys news. Sanchez needs to worry less about his celebrity life and more about his football skills. Aaron Hernandez is no longer around to explain himself, but figures from his past are trying to separate the fact from the fiction in the life of the former Patriots star and convicted murderer. At a September meeting of the Board of Education, Sanchez was among "three board members with whom Ackerman has locked horns said they remain steadfast in their objections to her management of the district, which they characterize as autocratic and unyielding to differing views.

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