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I noticed that the list is mentioned in the article All of that committee were killed by Stalin with the exception of Lenin who was6 already dead. Surely his son must have been registered as one name or the other and would have had no use of a pseudonym, so which is correct? This is plainly not true. The only sources I have are. The flame had died?

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Upon close examination, it is clear that the removal of the "5" was very likely deliberate. Another trick is to justify the paragraphs differently from time to time so that the diff will show overwhelming differences that are actually not changes. This raises an intriguing possibility: Runciman and Orwell used a wax image to harm an older boy whom they "disliked for being unkind to his juniors". There is a good flick "Orwell would roll in his grave" about how a few powerful people are attempting to control the public by media.

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Conversely, there has been speculation about the extent of Orwell's links to Britain's secret service, MI5 , and some have even claimed that he was in the service's employ. Why not solve their problems by offering them British citizenship? I am a little mystified that Connolly is presented--unless I'm overlooking some possible alternate reading--as an example of a leading intellectual that Orwell became friends with at Eton. Below is a summary of that account for your consideration. This is an encyclopedia, and has less glamorous ambitions - I merely want to establish the most commonly-agreed facts about the man and his work. I have added this citation to the article as there exists an endless polemic about Orwell being anti-socialist, when the man plainly speaks of his politics as being Socialist.

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